Sunday, July 05, 2020

According to this the driver went around stops set up

BY THE DAMNED SEATTLE POLICE for the purpose of LETTING THESE IDIOTS TAKE OVER THE HIGHWAY... after which he hit two of the idiots, one's died.

Hours after Taylor succumbed to her injuries, the WSP announced it was changing its policies to arrest people who block freeways instead of letting them protest there.
I wonder if the idiots in charge are considering that it was pretty damned stupid to allow this in the first place?  Or are they so woke it doesn't matter?


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of these protests. I'm secretly cheering for this young man's actions. On the other hand, I hope the young lady's estate sues the bejebus out of all the government entities that allowed this to happen, to include Mayor Durkin, the Seattle City Council, Chief of Police Best, Governor Inslee, and Attorney General Ferguson and leaves their asses in the dirt.
-tallow pot

Firehand said...

I'm split: part of me says "You're stupid enough to do this, pay the price"; the rest of me says "That would be entertaining as hell." Because if they'd done their damned jobs, the idiots wouldn't have been blocking the road.