Thursday, June 25, 2020

"Yes, but he's not a real author" is a kind of bs

that others besides Larry Correia have had to deal with.
The League of Frightened Men, Chamberlain pronounced in his review is a mystery story that has imaginative qualities beyond the ordinary....The good-humored, breezy, colloquial. The characterization is sharp, and reminds me constantly of the fact that Rex Stout was a legitimate novelist before he took up the trade of mystery monger.
I think Correia's response to this kind of crap has been "Oh, that's terrible!  I'll have to console myself with my hot wife and myself sleeping on our mattress stuffed with money!"

If you haven't read any of the Nero Wolfe novels, and you like mysteries at all, you should give them a try.


OldTexan said...

I was looking for a new book to read, between rain and virus I am doing a lot of reading on my Kindle reread Hunter's 'Master Sniper' yesterday and read Derek Robinson's WWI and WWII airplanes series' earlier. I just downloaded the first Nero Wolf mystery so thank you.

Jeffersonian said...

Round about 1982 I saw a newspaper op-ed cartoon about two of the big motion pictures that year. On one side was Ben Kingsley's Gandhi with his arms full of Oscars, looking to the other side, where E.T. had his arms full of moneybags.

I remember reading The Master Sniper, decades ago. Looking forward to more Larry Correia and Tom Kratman.