Thursday, May 28, 2020

Speaking of lack of trust,

It appears that officials in charge in Washington state want to keep the panic level as high as they can during this pandemic.

To do this, they have been listing some deaths as a result of the coronavirus in their statistics, even when the cause of death is something other than COVID-19 — like gunshot wounds.
Hutchinson said such deaths will eventually be removed from the state’s COVIC-19 count.
'Eventually'.  Isn't that nice?  Why not now?  And how many other deaths have been falsely credited to the CCP Flu so Inslee can pad the numbers?


mark leigh said...

To be fair this situation prevails everywhere. WHO and CDC guidelines call for this kind of reporting. Remember anywhere WHO guidelines are folllowed the actual count will be lower than the reported. Inslee is still the very model of a modern major nazi.

Justin_O_Guy said...

If they KNOW its Not a CV death,, and they Must, in order to be Able to remove it later, what rational explanation can be used to ever ADD it Into the total?
Unless the Rational Excuse is to Pretend its worse than it is in order to stand in front of a camera , and with a straight face, tell the People they must give up their rights..
Insanity, in positions of power, demanding they be obeyed,, Its Madness,,