Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Repeating: either the EffingBI gets cleaned out, with some people going to jail,

or NOBODY will ever have reason to trust that agency again.  About anything.
Late last week the FBI document that started the Trump-Russia collusion fiasco was publicly released. It hasn’t received a lot of attention but it should, because not too long from now this document likely will be blown up and placed on an easel as Exhibit A in a federal courtroom.

The prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Durham, will rightly point out that the document that spawned three years of political misery fails to articulate a single justifiable reason for starting the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation.

Those of us who have speculated there was insufficient cause for beginning the investigation could not have imagined the actual opening document was this feeble. It is as if it were written by someone who had no experience as an FBI agent.


jsunpo said...

No one is going to jail...none will feel the cuffs
Name ONE Big who`s gone to the jug?

Firehand said...

I know.

Which means, unless something changes, nobody should trust them. Ever. About anything.