Thursday, May 14, 2020

I'm really surprised this sorry excuse for a peace officer

is willing to show his sorry face.  Let alone put a uniform on again.
A Florida officer, who was fired after 'failing to coordinate an immediate response' to the Parkland shooting in 2018 and instead cowered behind a car, will be reinstated.

Sgt Brian Miller was terminated from the Broward Sheriff’s Office in June 2019 after being suspended for several months.
But on Wednesday it was revealed that despite his actions that day, he will be getting his job back. Miller will be reinstated with full back pay and seniority. 

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, an arbitrator ruled that Miller’s due process rights were violated when he was fired and dismissed the case against him.
I will refrain from further commentary because my language will deteriorate badly if I do.


Anonymous said...

BACK PAY ? For what? The officer lied where he was during the shooting, what he did in response to the shooter and was fired for dereliction of what he was hired to do. And for this he gets a full year of back pay ?

Jaysus H. Christ ...

Sailorcurt said...

Oh...I'd say over $100k in back pay and the ability to drop retirement paperwork is worth the embarrassment for him.

This is one of the reasons a unionized public sector is a bad idea. It's almost impossible to get rid of the incompetent when they're protected by unions. About the only way to get a member of a public sector union fired is by proving beyond doubt that they committed a crime and sometimes even that isn't enough.

This is how we end up with an entrenched bureaucracy that sees themselves as our masters.

mark leigh said...

Sailorcurt you hit the nail on the head. The thugs and their union are a blight on the peace of this nation. Law enforcers have every incentive to be brutal in enforcement and none at all to show honor in protecting the people they try to control.

Alanatswbell said...

Good luck at finding a partner for this coward.