Friday, April 10, 2020

Law Enforcement asshats: "It's ok when WE do it."

This is a twofer:
The manager of a gun store at the Los Angeles Police Academy has been arrested for allegedly stealing firearms and selling them to several officers and an L.A. County sheriff’s deputy, according to records and sources.
A dozen of the weapons have not been found, while the others were relinquished to detectives by the purchasers, sources said.
According to sources, the police officers and sheriff’s deputy purchased the guns without legally required federal paperwork and probably at steep discounts, which could expose them to criminal charges.
'Could'.  Chances of it happening?  Probably damn near zero.

And second,
In a Friday night, holiday weekend document dump, we're now learning that before the Mueller investigation began, the FBI knew that at least part of the ridiculous so-called Steele dossier was based upon planted Russian disinformation. 

Worse, according to Senator Ron Johnson in a Wall Street Journal op-ed released Friday night, the FBI continually lied about the provenance of the fake dossier information and only showed the FISA court and inspector general damning information about President Trump's election team. Exculpatory information was left out.
And so on.

But we're supposed to trust these bastards...

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mark leigh said...

J. Edgar set the tone. The FBI has always been a agency of political influence. Political dirt is a prized acquisition. Their motives are not benign.