Tuesday, April 07, 2020

A delayed bullet test

Matt's Bullets makes a lot of stuff, including this 240-grain hollow-base wadcutter for .45 Colt.  I'd written asking about alloy, and they cast this of 20-1 lead-tin.

So I got a box, loaded some over a suitable charge of Bullseye in Hornady .455 Webley cases and gave them a try.*  They shot very well.  Out of the pistol used they hit at point of aim at 15 yards, cut a nice round hole, and no signs of leading. 

They're not a hollow point**, but being of a fairly soft alloy if you had to use them in a self-defense situation they should give a pretty good result. 

*First lube groove covered, second(front) just above the case mouth
**With a hollow nose as well they'd be like the Webley Patented Manstopper Bullet

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Anonymous said...

Nifty, I might try those.

Greets from NH.