Saturday, January 11, 2020

'The Director regrets the omissions and errors his Holy Special Agents committed

and will see that training is done to prevent it happening again.'

Translation: "I'm really sorry a bunch of our agents and lawyers were caught lying under oath and faking evidence, and I'll see a training class is done to prevent it in the future.  But I have NO intention of further punitive action(at least that you'll ever hear of) against the Special Agents who committed these crimes.

Criminal charges?  Against FBI agents?  Are you serious?"

Apparently the idea that "Unless you ACTUALLY CLEAN THIS SHIT UP, including firings and prosecutions, nobody will ever trust your Very Special Agents ever again" just does not get through to these clowns.

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Grog said...

And this is why many of us consider Rule of Law to be dead and buried, because of what the .gov has been doing for the last few decades, for the failure to send people to prison for what would get us 20 to life, for what they have done and been allowed to get away with.