Saturday, January 11, 2020

Friend, who hates Trump, had a link on Fecesbook

to a piece in NYMag titled
What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies?
Look to Nixon’s defenders, and the Vichy collaborators, for clues.*
I did a bit of skimming, and it's about what you'd expect: "Anyone who works for/supports Trump is either evil and connected with Putin, or stupid!  But the Arc of History always bends toward Justice, and will deal with them!"

I'll give you one bit from the start:
Donald Trump proves daily that there is no longer any penalty for doing wrong as long as you deny everything, never say you’re sorry, and have co-conspirators stashed in powerful places to put the fix in.
Amazing, isn't it?  And that level of projection is probably harmful to the brain.  I do wonder how they'd react to mention of lying EffingBI/CIA/DoJ hacks caught with their hand in the cookie jar.  And Democrats who cannot find any wrong in anything Hillary did.

First, it's amazing how much people who claim that 'Othering' people is Bad, work so hard at it when its someone they don't like.

Second, this is how they see anyone who doesn't mouth the right words and vote the right way: you're either evil or stupid, and should be ruled by the Correct-Thinking betters.

Michael Z Williamson once said that 'The only thing more stupid than a Trump lover is a Trump hater.'  Seems to be on to something there.

*No, I'm not giving these asshats clicks, if you want to read it it'll be easy to find

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