Thursday, December 19, 2019

So, assuming Pelosi is stupid enough to actually do the paperwork

and send this to the Senate, I want a trial.

With witnesses subpoenaed and put under oath- including Schiff and Nadler and the 'whistleblower' and a bunch of others-, including reminding them "You lie under oath, you will be charged".  Without Schiff being able to stop questions when they're getting uncomfortable.

They wanted a circus, give the bastards all three rings and all the clowns.


Phssthpok said...

Long, thorough, and drawn out.

Hold a perfunctory session of the 'court' every day for, oh say... three months, so EVERY senator is forced to stay in D.C.*, preventing those Dem senators who are running for the Dem nomination (Sanders, Warren, Booker, et. al.) to not go out stumping. (Or blow excessive amounts of campaign funds on extra travel)

Then get to the meat of the matter: Start subpoenaing documents and witnesses. As they say: Discovery is a BITCH! This would put most of the damning revelations in the national spotlight in the critical three months or so immediately preceding the election.

*IIRC impeachment trials REQUIRE the full senate to attend.

Unknown said...

And Lindsey the #*%$ said he advised for the President not call any witnesses, ostensibly to 'move on quickly and put this all behind us'.