Thursday, November 14, 2019

As I can now look up some,

I'll expand a bit.

This was a 'take out some fluid from the eyeball and replace it with gas' procedure, the gas is supposed to put pressure on the injury and keep it closed so it can heal.  Which, since the injury is at the back, that means staying face down as much as possible.  I was told three days in my case; the idea of doing it for a week, let alone a month or more, is horrifying.

Takes about two weeks for the gas to disperse and be replaced by fluid, so my vision in that eye is screwed(blurry as hell, improving as the gas volume reduces) for that time.

This crap better work.

Maybe some bitching and moaning about news stuff later.  Right now I'm more wondering how long it'll be before I can ride, and can shoot heavier stuff than .22s.

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Chris Hodgdon said...

Good luck with this!