Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Range day

Due to circumstances, no testing of any heavy boomer ammo, all lighter stuff.  Only part I'm going to go into detail on are two .22 targets.

This one was shot with a Martini Model 12 single-shot at 200 yards, using Federal Champion ammo.  It took a while to work out the elevation, and the wind was blowing fairly steady with gusts.  A little windage was dialed in for the wind, and tried to time it between the gusts.  The five circled are the last five after the adjustments
For me, with irons at that distance, I'm real happy with that.

The other was trying out some Winchester Subsonic Truncated Cone Hollowpoints at 100 yards
That's about 1.5", and a real nice group.

Now I have some things to clean up.


Glen Filthie said...

Where in bloody blue blazes are you guys finding these Martini’s Firehand? The only ones I ever see round here are the old Victorian black powder guns... and they are rare as hens teeth too...

Firehand said...

Owner picked this one up about twenty years ago.

You made me curious, just looked at Gunbroker and Armslist, there's a couple at each. And I have seen them at some gun shows.