Friday, September 13, 2019

"Dear Mr. Security Agent:"

Short version:
"No matter what your excuses are, you start carrying out the confiscation orders YOU will be the face of it.  And people will start treating you that way."

And yeah, if this starts the politicians will find themselves on the 'deal with' lists of people.  It will get extremely nasty, and they'll blame anyone but themselves for it.


Witold Pilecki said...

I have always said that I don't believe it would be local or state law enforcement, or even the National Guard or military carrying out the confiscation orders. It would the multitude of state and federal armed alphabet agencies full of un-elected and unaccountable bureaucrats more than willing to "do their job." Apparently these fools are totally unaware of the Nuremberg Trials, and that such a defense fails to keep oath-breaking jack-booted goons from the gallows.

I would have no trouble dispatching such individuals with the same enthusiasm as I normally reserve for jihadis, Blue Helmet rapists, or commies in general.

B_Rad said...

"I have always said that I don't believe it would be local or state law enforcement"

Agreed, what do the L.A Unified School District, the National Forest Service, the BLM and most Park and Recs have in common? They all have their own SWAT teams. Berry's Brown Shirts. There's many more not on that short list.

Dan said...

LEO at ALL levels (with the possible exception of small local agencies) screen FOR and deliberately hire pathologic personalities who will do WHATEVER they are told to do. A handful of LEO may refuse to go along with wholesale confiscation but more than 99% of them will look at their paycheck, pension plan, dental plan etc. And say "f**k it",.. I'm kicking doors rather than job hunting.