Tuesday, August 06, 2019

S&W Model 625

I had a chance to shoot one of these a few days ago

It's a six-shot revolver for the .45acp cartridge, using moon clips.  This model has some variations from the standard; from the S&W website:
• “Miculek Style” .265” Wide Grooved Speed Trigger
• “Jerry Miculek” Wood Grip
• Gold Bead Patridge Front Sight on an Interchangeable Base
• Low Reflection Bead Blast Finish
• Designed in Collaboration with Jerry Miculek
The owner had replaced the grip with a Pachmayr, because 'That grip may suit Miculek, but my hands hate it'. 

How'd it shoot?  Very well.  Very smooth action, clean trigger, and that bead front sight worked.  I was only able to put about 50 rounds through it, which was enough to make me decide I want one(note to self, I really need to find that winning lottery ticket).  I checked around, and finding moon clips for one isn't a problem, and they should last forever.  Loading them isn't bad, but I'm told unloading them, unless you have a tool for it(like this or this), is a PITA.

Shoot well, and Earl Harbinger* carries one; why wouldn't I want one?

Now I've got to go out and mow some places before it hits 'melt you in the yard' temperatures.

*See 'Monster Hunter International'


Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice indeed. S&W made a fine revolver back in the day.

I have a much older version of that, a S&W 1917 Brazilian police contract manufactured back in 1930's. Same full moon - half moon - two shot clip use. Installed a Wondersight on back, allowing fully adjustable sights to zero various ammunitions.

Helluva nice gun to shoot, recoil and report are moderate and ammunition is easy to find. If you use speedloader pouches, some of them will accommodate two stacked full moon clips in one pocket. So a pair of pouches carry 24 rounds - not bad !

Firehand said...

First, that sounds like a nice pistol.

Second, I'd not heard of Wondersight before, that's a nice setup.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. The revolver was purchased in late 80's when surplus firearms from around the world became available once more. The bore is pretty rough (no doubt corrosive primers and lax cleaning did the damage) but it still shoots well.

Anonymous said...

Had one. You really want the second screwdriver-type tool.
Took it to Thunder Ranch for a class. Shot well but beat my hand to death in an afternoon. Next day switched to my 625-2 a 5" barrel with rubber grips. This is the gun I still have.
A friend really wanted the PC Miculek gun and I was happy to sell it to him. Oh and the clips don't last forever, they will bend out of true if not cared for.
Boat Guy