Thursday, August 08, 2019

“I don’t trust black leadership that wants to de-arm black people,”

Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, told Yahoo News at his Atlanta barbershop, the Swag Shop.
And he damn well shouldn't.

Wonder if the usual suspects will attack him, or if he'll get a pass?  Or maybe they just won't want to take on someone who's black and willing to tell them to go to hell.


Phelps said...

Killer Mike's father (it was remarkable that he even had one) was a cop, and he's got a lot of reality based views on things. I appreciate his logos even if we disagree on particulars.

Being a cop is often seeing the worst of the human condition and behavior. With all of that said, there is no reason that Mike Brown and also Eric Garner are dead today - except bad policing, excessive force, and the hunt-and-capture-prey mentality many thrill-seeking cops have adapted. -- Killer Mike

Phelps said...

Another Killer Mike quote I like:

If you don't like the NRA, get a million black people to join. Go to the convention. Realize that this ain't white people in hoods, just regular working class people like you that are probably going to be friendly and engage you. And then add your thoughts to the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike. It ain't just black people that want to disarm. It's all of us.

Firehand said...

Pretty sure he knows, was saying "Doesn't matter if you're black, you want my guns, you're NOT my friend."

Anonymous said...

Why would I care what this socialist wants? You know he wants reparations too, right?