Monday, June 24, 2019

It's nice when the racists show themselves

as what they really are.
Here's a hint: when you're a professor at a university, and you screech that poor white people make you happy because
[…] when a white person begs, maybe a white woman breastfeeding or a young white boy whining like a broken flute, I feel better. Good. It’s not just us. I feel happy. I feel like the scales of justice could shift.
then you're a asshole at the least.  When you blame some homeless sort for 'stealing' from you because of his skin color, you're a racist idiot.

I'm sure his students have a long life ahead of whining about their student loans because nobody wants a degree in (fill in the blank) Studies as a job qualification.

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DaveS said...

In most circles, a person that enjoys another person's pain is referred to as a sadistic sociopath.