Monday, June 03, 2019

I need a small cannon

Something I can mount on the bike.  I'm getting pretty damned tired of people deciding to change lanes without bothering to look and nearly hitting me.

Twice the last two weekends, and that's just on highway, there was one a week or so ago on a city street.  About six hundred pounds of bike with lights on and a guy with a silver helmet is not that hard to see.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting pretty close to selling the bike for exactly your experience. In the past 2 years I've been forced into the median lane or the curb lane by distracted drivers 4 times and had 1 car almost hit me in the middle lane when the driver moved abruptly from the RH lane to the LH lane to make a turn.

The level of driver distraction has gotten to the point where being in anything except a mid-size or large 4-wheel vehicle places you at risk of substantial injury. The morning radio traffic report has more vehicle impacts than an amusement park bumper car ride.

The frustrating thing is that it's pretty obvious when a driver is staring at / playing with their phone, and while I realize cops can't be everywhere, they'd rather write radar tickets because it's easier and - probably - more money for their agency.

Then again, in Florida the first 3 DUIs are only misdemeanors, so Gummint doesn't take that seriously, either.

Beans said...

Get one of those carbide signal cannons. Or find some way to retrofit some airhorns, maybe through a scuba tank setup, onto your bike.

Either could be fun.

Which means either would probably be illegal.


The dealership thought it was funny-weird when I wanted to hear the horn before I bought the eurovan I currently use. Fortunately, it is rather truckish sounding.

That might be a thought. Get a regular truck horn rather than the 'beep-beep' horn most bikes come with. That might be legal.