Thursday, December 27, 2018

"This gun control law doesn't work; let's not mention that"

goes the 'news' media.

But fear not, they'll find some way to explain it all away.
Garen Wintemute, a UC Davis professor of emergency medicine and senior author of the study, said incomplete data and flawed criminal record reporting might explain the results.
Wintemute noted:
In 1990, only 25 percent of criminal records were accessible in the primary federal database used for background checks, and centralized records of mental health prohibitions were almost nonexistent.
As a result, researchers said as many as one in four gun buyers may have purchased a firearm without undergoing a background check.
Which is a flat-out lie: 'some data may not have been available' is NOT the same as 'no background check', and they damned we know it.  But they have to explain this away somehow, because "Our idea doesn't work" is not possible for them to say.


Anonymous said...

In 1990 there were no background checks unless a State mandated then. NICS did not go into effect until November 30, 1998.
NCIC (National Crime Information Center,) was started in 1967 five files and 356,784 records.

Firehand said...

"In 1991, California simultaneously imposed comprehensive background checks for firearm sales and prohibited gun sales (and gun possession) to people convicted of misdemeanor violent crimes. The legislation mandated that all gun sales, including private transactions, would have to go through a California-licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer."