Monday, October 08, 2018

Some more .310 messing around

Somewhere, a mention was seen about using 7.62 Nagant(7.62x38r, if you want to be precise) in the .310 Cadet.  So some brass was dug out(what, you don't have all kinds of crap in corners somewhere?), and trimmed to length.

It chambered with no problem.  The walls on these(Prvi) is thicker than the walls of the .32-20 cases used previously, so probably gives a bit more pressure due to less space inside.  They were loaded with 7.0 of 2400 and the RCBS bullet.

Shot just fine.  One interesting thing, though: the modified .32-20 cases, when fireformed, lose anywhere from .005 to .010" in length; these- I'm guessing because of the thicker walls- stayed the same length.


B said...

if the cases are shrinking, then they are undersized for the chamber. Fireforming the brass makes 'em larger in diameter but shorter. The shrinkage should stop after the first full pressure load.

Firehand said...

That exactly.