Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Short version: Bunch of pissy PC-brained leftists attack because

"He said things we don't like on his social media!  Let's accuse him of racism and sexism and being dangerous and destroy his business!"

In response, he's following the advice of what was probably the favorite politician of the leftists: 'Punch back twice as hard.'  And I hope he winds up owning their ass.

Part of the filing:
36. In or about August 2018, a private person designated herein as “Conspirator A,” who Plaintiffs are informed and believe is not an employee or official of the District, was angered by the Commentary. Plaintiffs are currently working to confirm the identity of Conspirator A, and may seek leave of this Court to name him or her as an additional defendant when his or her identity is confirmed.

37. Conspirator A formed a combination with one or more other private persons, who agreed to act in concert to induce public agencies – in particular, the school districts who patronize Riley’s Farm’s field trip business, including the District – to retaliate against Plaintiffs for Mr. Riley’s First Amendment-protected expression. 38.

Subsequently, Defendants O’Connor and Hamlett joined Conspirator A, and/or others, and agreed to inflict a wrong against and/or injury upon Plaintiffs by retaliating against them. Defendants O’Connor and Hamlett committed overt acts in furtherance of a conspiracy to retaliate against Plaintiffs for Mr. Riley’s First Amendment-protected expression by prohibiting teachers at Chaparral and Sumner Danbury Elementary Schools, respectively, from patronizing Riley’s Farm for school field trips.

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