Friday, September 14, 2018

The NYeffingTimes: all the news

fit to lie about.
The New York Times story parrots the claim of unanimity. But it does so in a way that is not even technically true. Under the headline, Protection of Voting Rights for Minorities Has Fallen Sharply, a New Report Finds, it states that the report’s “key recommendations were unanimously supported by the commission’s eight members—six Democrats and two Republicans.” That is just plain false.

The EUnuchs decided to make a big step toward destroying the internet as anything except a way of spying on/controlling people.  One more reason to tell them 'Screw you'.
1. Article 13: the Copyright Filters. All but the smallest platforms will have to defensively adopt copyright filters that examine everything you post and censor anything judged to be a copyright infringement.

2. Article 11: Linking to the news using more than one word from the article is prohibited unless you're using a service that bought a license from the news site you want to link to. News sites can charge anything they want for the right to quote them or refuse to sell altogether, effectively giving them the right to choose who can criticise them. Member states are permitted, but not required, to create exceptions and limitations to reduce the harm done by this new right.
And on, and on.

George Young, the man who gave the anti-rights people in Hawaii a serious kick in the balls.
When he started calling lawyers to get representation, none would take his case. He eventually decided to represent himself—and that was the beginning of the struggle that led to his July 24 victory, when the Ninth Circuit ruled Hawaii’s ban on open carry unconstitutional (while declaring a ban on concealed carry still constitutional).

I'll take 'Politicians who need to be flogged' for $1000, Alex.

And last,
Dear Socialist Asshat:
No.  HELL no.  Go suffer a crotch fire.

Sincerely, etc.

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