Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Short range report,

and there's lots of stuff to take care of today.

Two tests in particular:
First, on that .310 Cadet, using the 100-grain semi-wadcutter bullet, 15-1 alloy, over 7.0 grains of 2400, 50 yards
That's using cases 1.135" long.  Which, according to what I've read, is too long for many Cadets, but it works real well in this one.  Had five more of this load, and at 100 yards
The shooter called one as being off right after firing, I'd say that's the high-left.  For this little rifle, especially with this bullet, that's quite nice.

The other was this group at 100 with the .45-70
500-grain Lee bullet, 15-1, over 35.0 Blackhorn 209 with a .030" fiber wad under the bullet, Federal Large Rifle Magnum primer.  Previously had used .060 wads, but decided to try the thinner; will have to try this combo again.

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