Thursday, March 22, 2018

But it's what leftists do.

But now, the left has found even more sympathetic faces for its agenda: kindergarteners. According to The Wall Street Journal, "Schools are grappling with how to address the event with children as young as 5 years old and with finding ways for children who are too little to be told about school shootings to take part." Children in pre-K at Manhattan Country School will sing, "If I Had a Hammer" and "Paz y Libertad." Public schools like PS 321 in Brooklyn allowed children to do activities linked with the protests.

John Calhoun's California

Things the left doesn't know about guns.
Couple of days ago got involved in a thread on Bookface in which someone who wanted to ban 'assault rifles' couldn't define what she wanted to ban.  I pointed out that someone with some practice could inflict the kind of damage used in her 'definition' with a 100-year-old bolt-action rifle, was called a liar, I told her to look up 'Mad Minute', and the response included "I didn't know they had magazines 100 years ago."  

Oh, her definition you should love:
'My definition of an assault/ Armalite rifle or a bump stock attachment is a gun that can murder 58 people and injured many, many more in ten minutes with pauses during firing.'

"I’m not carrying [Trump's] water. I’m saying the exact same thing I’ve said for 50 years. And Jeffrey, you ought to know that, you were my student.The fact that it applies to Trump now rather than applying to Bill Clinton is why people like you have turned against me."


Dan said...

When it comes to libtards you can call it what you like..... conversation, debate, logic or whatever..... it's all pointless. Wih rare exception the left is totally immune to logic, fact and reason. Such concepts are quite literally beyond their capabilities. Engaging in such is a waste of time. The few leftists capable of logic don't need convincing, they KNOW we are right. They simply DO NOT CARE. They are part of the commie left seeking to RULE America with impunity. As such they MUST disarm us. And there s no lie they won't tell, no crime they won't embrace, no action too heinous that they would forgo. To the left ALL that matters is power...THEIR grasp on power. And the conservative right refuses for the most part to grasp that reality. We play by the "rules". To our would be masters there is only ONE rule.....WIN.

Anonymous said...

Hitler Youth. Young Communist's , Red guard. Starting to see a pattern here? The good news is that your buffalo gun will transfer so much kinetic energy that even if it doesn't penetrate the armor it will still stop his heart. I live outside Louisville Ky. in an all republican, 99.999% white voting district/county. The FBI and LEO air assets have been marking LZ's and doing touch and go's on all the nearby grass puddle jumper strips day and night for more than a week. My family says they are seeing the same thing in Eastern and Central Kentucky. The Three feds that live in the subdivision have started bringing black Chevrolet's SUV's home at night several nights a week. They are "preparing the ground".