Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Obviously this is unpossible; Globular Warmering

would not allow it.
Britain faces a three week chill with temperatures set to drop to -12C, and experts warning the freeze could claim 40,000 lives.

Forecasters believe we're facing the coldest December since 2010's Big Freeze, which saw transport networks grind to a halt as snow caused chaos across the country.
It is feared colder-than-usual weather will kill close to 40,000 Brits this winter, after 34,000 excess winter deaths were recorded in the mild winter a year ago.
Winter’s average cold weather death toll is 25,000.
So last year '34,000 excess deaths', that means 9,000 more than the average.  This time they're worried about 15,000 more. 

Remember a few years ago when the Climate Change believers in Britain were saying "Your grandchildren will only see snow in pictures because of Global Warming!" ?


Arthur said...

Not to mention all of the idiots driving up energy costs. I'm trying to remember the name of the a-hole who said "people shouldn't expect to flip a switch and have power"

Anonymous said...

Unusually early temps of -60 reported in Siberia - not normally seen until well into December. Hmmmm.

mark leigh said...

40,000 dying because of a minor cold snap? A little ice and the nation is helpless? All of the people with any kind of clue must have left for Canada and the northern tier of the US where -12 C is normal. No blankets in the land of woolens and no heat in a coal producing nation is disgusting.

Firehand said...

From what I understand, lots of older(say 20+) homes aren't that well built for real cold, and ten below freezing is real cold for much of Britain. Throw in all the idiots pushing for 'green' energy and closing nuke and coal plants, recipe for disaster.

Couple of years back, they had a stretch of really nasty cold in Scotland, and it turned out that- due to having been busy closing nice clean nuke plants and counting on windmills- they ran short of electricity, and to keep blackouts from happening they bought a LOT of electricity from France. Where it was generated at nuke plants. Then the Scot .gov lied about it until proof was rolled out. And they still planned on closing the rest of the nuke plants in Scotland, because 'not green'.