Saturday, September 16, 2017

Range trip the other day was mostly testing some .45-70 loads,

but it was too busy to set up the Chrony; this time of year lots of people zeroing their new rifle, checking zero on the old, getting in some practice.  

General notes(because I haven't gone through the target information yet):
That homemade bullet lube seems to work quite well with these bullets at these velocities.
Loaded some black-powder cartridges to try, good results.
I think the best powder for the 330-grain Lyman bullets is going to remain A5744.
I want to try the 405-grain flat-nose paper-patched over Blackhorn 209; the bullets are patched, need to load them.

Guy was trying out his new 1903A3 Springfield, and very happy with it, and then shot his M1 Garand.  Also happy.  And left a bunch of once-fired HXP brass and four chargers behind, which I was happy about.  I've got a bunch of -06 brass, but I just can't leave something like that behind.

More details later.  Maybe Sunday, more likely Monday

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