Saturday, September 16, 2017

Little Jewish guy speaks at Berkeley

and the usual suspects lost their damned minds.  'Nazi', 'white supremacist', all the usual crap.  Because someone they don't agree with spoke.

And they insist the OTHER people are the bad guys...

About that wonderful Brit NHS we're supposed to copy,
He landed on his head and was knocked out, fracturing his neck, injuring his back and crushing his left wrist.

He was rushed to the hospital complaining of pain in his neck and tingling all down his right arm and legs.

But doctors merely plastered up his smashed left wrist and sent him home in agony.

Hewer spent months protesting that he was in constant pain and at one point was sent to tai chi classes.

After a catalog of lost scans and delayed appointments, doctors finally spotted the crushed bones in his neck three years later.
Wonderful, isn't it?

But wait!  There's MORE!
He then had to wait another two years before an operation on his neck but he says his life has been ruined.
But don't worry, the people responsible won't face any penalty:
The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman upheld his complaint of injustice for the way that he was made to wait five years for the neck operation.

But they said it was so long since the accident it was impossible to prove a direct link between it and his health conditions.

It clears the Trust of causing his current health problems by failing to diagnose his fractured neck sooner – because doctors diagnosed him with the degenerative condition neuropathy, which may have initially led to his fall.
"You're screwed, but we'll be ok.  Now go away."

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