Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Progressive discovers- shock!horror!!- that the progressives include racists

and admirers of dictators, and serious hatemongers.

Really, lady?  You just now discovered this?  Say, the sainted Sanders admiring- loudly- communist dictators never caught your attention?  Your allies assaulting people for having the wrong beliefs, never took notice of that?

Maybe I’ll be accused of siding with the alt-right or tarred as Islamophobic. But what I stand against is embracing terrorists, disdaining independent feminist voices, hating on democracies and celebrating dictatorships. If that puts me beyond the pale of the progressive feminist movement in America right now, so be it.
Of course you will; because every one of the things you named is a big part of the 'progressive' left. 

Once again, 'Aloha Snackbar!' means "You will never understand my motive!"
I wonder if the authorities and media truly understand what damage they're doing with this crap?

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