Sunday, August 27, 2017

I started to choke up, because that seems to be gone.

The excitement of landing a space probe on a comet and getting good data was crushed by a few people’s fury over the lead scientist’s shirt. NASA shifted its focus from exploration and returning to the Moon to “Muslim outreach.” (Nothing personal against the folks from NASA who got assigned to that project, but I really do not care to imagine ISIS, Al Quaeda, the Qods Force, and Jamaat Islamia with rockets larger than an RPG.)

One of the hallmarks of Great Causes™ is that they leave no room for delight and wonder. Everything in life is about The Cause, and The Cause comes before anything else. Thus a scientist overseeing a project that successfully lands a space probe on a comet and takes samples and sends data back to Earth is not someone to be complimented or someone to celebrate with. Oh no, no, he must be excoriated because he’s wearing a shirt with a pattern of attractive young women and rockets on it, a bit like the old pulp sci-fi covers. Feminism and “not objectifying women” and “it must be harassment!!!”
I still like Larry Correia's idea of how said lead should have responded: "We just landed a spacecraft on a bloody COMET, you're lucky I'm wearing pants!"

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Anonymous said...

NASA died when lbj(pissbeuponhisgrave)and the democomms decided to buy nigger(their words - not mine)voters "...for the next 100 years." Just took the agency a few more years to rot.