Monday, June 05, 2017

The socialists in Britain

Jeremy Corbyn faced outrage last night after it was revealed a leading supporter had described Islamic terrorists as ‘freedom fighters’. 

Activist Barbara Ntumy tweeted the astonishing claim that ‘one mans [sic] Jihadist/Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter’, adding ‘#JustSaying.’

Mr Corbyn faced further outrage after high-profile supporter Daniel York, an actor who starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach, described ‘Chinese and Indians’ as ‘clueless’ minorities who ‘suck up to the white colonial establishment’.
Mr York, who is half Chinese, said: ‘I was talking about the Conservative Chinese, not all Chinese.’
Yeah, that's SO much better.

Speaking of socialist assholes,
Regardless of the accuracy of Marx’s antireligious claim, a more baleful one is indubitably true: Socialism is the hallucinogen of the intellectuals.

Unfortunately, these hallucinating apologists for mass murderers do not suffer their vices alone. They spend their days and years pushing false history and evil ideas on college students, who, by virtue of their youth, have insufficient knowledge with which to counter the lies.
I'll note I haven't read the whole piece; it's behind a registration wall.  The part anybody can read is a good start, though.

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