Sunday, June 04, 2017

I might start believing in the climate crisis, when these hypocritical bastards

start acting like they actually believe it.
“Everyone in our own life needs to change our habits to start protecting the Earth,” he said in his weekly appearance on WNYC radio.

But when asked to explain why he needs a motorcade of gas-guzzling SUVs to take him from Gracie Mansion to Park Slope, Brooklyn, just to exercise at a YMCA, he didn’t have an answer — and declined to give up the habit.

“The issue is not cheap symbolism,” he said testily.
No, it's you being one of the aforementioned hypocritical bastards.

The mayor is ferried to the Y by two SUVs — a regular GMC Yukon XL, which burns 16 mpg in the city, and a Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid, which is only slightly more fuel efficient at 20 mpg.

De Blasio also suggested the city would start cracking down on idling cars — even though his own fleet has been caught waiting with their engines on for up to an hour outside the gym.

“Idling is a huge problem, and blocking the box is huge problem,” the mayor said. “I will have more to say on that in the coming weeks.”
I'll bet.  "I am not one of you peasants!  Shut up about this!"

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KM said...

The OMG "hockey stick" graph used commonly to beat us over the head, (and collect our MONEY), is the last 1000 years. It shows a drastic jump in the last part of the 20 century.

This graph makes the last 1k year graph look like the sick joke that it is. The climate almost seems to run in ups and some kind of cycle...