Saturday, March 04, 2017

Yeah, they really care about Mother Gaia and sacred spaces and stuff...

Cleanup crews have removed 48 million pounds of trash so far from the largest Dakota Access oil pipeline protest camp — and they’re not finished yet.

The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services said Tuesday that a Florida-based contractor hired at a cost of $1 million to clear trash, waste and other debris from the Oceti Sakowin camp has hauled 24,000 tons of garbage since protesters were evacuated Thursday from the area.
Just how much do they care?
The department’s NDResponse page also posted a video showing bulldozers hauling away abandoned vehicles and trailers, as well as workers rounding up dozens of discarded propane tanks.
When you care enough to leave all your shit behind, I guess.

And remember, that's after The Standing Rock Sioux had been leading a cleanup effort for several weeks before Trinity arrived at the site near Cannon Ball, North Dakota.


Anonymous said...

Now if those Standing Rock Sioux want to get me to sympathize with their plight.....I would be listening if they would help with the clean up!

Fake. That's all this s**t is; is fake rage/anxiety/ feelings. Bastards; really getting tired of all of that s**t! Natural calamities to all of them!!!

B said...

I think someone has their numbers wrong. That is 1200 dump truck loads. More than mid sized city gnerates in a week.