Friday, February 17, 2017

Yeah, this has turned into exactly the crap we said it would

From this post at Reason.

So, I wonder if it's only(for now) the combination, or all whites, males, and libertarians who dare to talk about that free speech thing?

Some information on that dam in Californicated from someone who builds the things.  He's not happy.  This is scary stuff.
Scott Cahill: Exactly. What they had said is only probably a day ago was that this wasn’t a significant problem because if we simply close the gates, the valves on the top end of the principle spillway, then the water will rise and spill over the emergency spillway and the emergency spillway has a magnificent capacity to move water. Well, when they allowed just a bit of water to run over the emergency spillway they soon found with the velocities of only a portion of the water that could be moving over that emergency spillway. They had such severe scour that they anticipated a failure of the structural elements within 45 minutes.

That initiated them moving people out of the inundation zone beneath the dam. And now I believe the thought is that the cut back on the principle spillway is slower than the failure mode on the emergency spillway, so they’re going to vent water down that principle spillway as much as they can without failing that element.
The idiots who skimped- hell, neglected- maintenance on this need to be fired, and prosecuted if possible.

What?  Control freaks faked and abused science?

Anybody surprised?


genericviews said...

Also hippies. It's always OK to punch hippies.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Moonbeam has over 300 million in his budget for illegal immigrant support, and wants the federal gov. to pay 100 million to fix the dam. I wonder what school of finance he graduated from? What ever, it seems to be working for him.

Gregg said...

Do they really expect white, male, libertarians to stand there and take it?

Not the most well thought out decision.

Phil said...

Mr. Monteiro had best check on the amount of dental coverage he has.