Thursday, September 22, 2016

Something learned

6.0 of Green Dot under a 100-grain wadcutter or semi-wadcutter, in 7.62x54r, does this.
Same load with appropriately-sized bullets in .30-06 gives velocity over 1200fps, and lousy groups.  More like 'patterns'.  That load is going to have to be reduced, probably two grains, for that cartridge for further trial.

A couple of experiments were tried with .45-70, results to come.  Right now stuff in the yard and garage needs doing.


Pawpaw said...

Try 13.0 grains of Red Dot under a normal-weight cast bullet in military calibers of .30 or larger. This has been a standard cast bullet load for a long time.

Firehand said...

Thanks! I'd seen stuff on 'The Load' before, but didn't know the Cast Bullet Association, I'll have to explore it.

I'll have to try this one, too. I've used the 'standard' of 16.0 of 2400 in those cartridges with great success. 'Course, right now nobody has Red Dot around here, will have to find some first.

For the mouse fart loads, I think about 4.0 of Green Dot in .30-06 ought to work nicely, will try that next.

Pawpaw said...

If you can't find Red Dot, use Promo. Same charge weight. Promo is a little bit more dense, so guys who use bushings have to go to a smaller bushing. However, weight-for-weight, Red Dot and Promo are very, very close.