Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's not a simple 'lack of gun knowledge', it's deliberate ignorance

combined with lying.

If they could be proved to know everything pointed out here, they'd still make the claims.  Because guns are icky, and right-thinking leftists hate them(when they're not in the hands of paid security guards or the government) and the people who own them.

They're 'powerless' mostly because most of them don't have the balls to do anything to stop him.

Oh, but it's such a convenient way to shut people up, isn't it?  "Do you want people to get hurt?  That's what you're saying when you criticize us for this, it's necessary for safety!"

I think that professor is either outraged that some lowly student would dare speak to him so, or cleaning the crap out of his pants.  Sir, I salute you.

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