Saturday, June 11, 2016

Range Report

Those .30-06 loaded with Green Dot?  Except for the 150-grain flat-points, bloody awful.  But I think I know why: on several shots the recoil(such as it is) and noise were noticeably less than others.  I suspect the Green Dot didn't feed smoothly through my Hornady measure, so I got varied charges.  I'm going to load some more, but I'll try the Lee measure.  If those don't come out evenly, I'll weigh the charges.

Ref the mention of .45-70s and recoil pads, I hadn't looked in a while; Limbsaver pads have gotten expensive.

Unlike some things out there, though, they're worth it.


thinkingman said...

A-Firmative on the Limbsaver pad; utterly transformed my GEN 1 Mossberg 590 into a shoot slugs all day for fun kind of arm.

Phil said...

I am seriously going to check that out. I can't shoot my 30.06 more than four or five times because it still has a steel butt plate on it. I got it cheap at a gun show and have only shot it a few times because of it.
I weigh 165 pounds and am 6 feet tall which means I'm as skinny as a rail. Every time I pull the trigger on that thing it is like getting slammed by a sledge hammer.
Even my 215 pound cousin said No Mas after only 3 rounds.
I need an outstanding pad, not just a good one.
Thanks for the heads up.

Firehand said...

Far as I've ever seen, the Limbsavers are the best recoil pads out there. And they have them sized for specific rifles/shotguns, grind-to-fit, and slip-ons.

They're not cheap, but they're worth every penny. Check around, including Ebay, see where you can find the best price.