Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Further CherryBalmz testing

Hit the range the other day, and to continue this and give my right arm/shoulder some shooty time, I took the Officers Model with conversion along.  It's been sitting unfired for a little over three months, so if the stuff was going to dry up that should've given it some time to do so.

100 rounds of Remington bulk-pack through it with no problems, everything still smoothly sliding along.  No cherry scent I could detect, but it still worked.

The secondary purpose of this, giving the repaired joint a workout, went well.  I wouldn't want to pull out a magnum as yet, but for .22 and a few 9mm, no problem.  Should be able to try with a centerfire rifle soon, though I'll stay with low-recoil stuff for a while yet.

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