Tuesday, December 24, 2013

An ocean-going drone

powered by translating up & down motion to forward.

This'll make sub-hunting and such a whole new world.  Already has, I'd imagine.

Ok, my question here is did the IRS violate the law again?
Prof. Robert Brulle, an environmental sociologist of Drexel University, Phil., has published a study allegedly accusing “deniers” of being sock puppets in the pay of “dark money” from big oil.

According to the story, Prof. Brulle enlisted IRS help tracking a correlation between big oil bogeymen such as the Koch Brothers withdrawing funding from climate studies, and significant increases in funding from other organizations such as the Donor’s Trust and Donor’s Capital Fund.
Really, IRS?  Like you don't have enough violations of law and ethics on your hands now?

Apparently nearly freezing in the dark caused Germany to have a bit of a wake-up:
While these no-carbon technologies get buried, carbon rich fuels go gung ho. Last month Germany fired up a spanking new coal plant, the first of 10 modern CO2-gushers that Europe’s biggest economy will be banking on to power its economy into the 21st century. 
And the real nightmare for the enviroweenies:

Worldwide, 1200 coal-fired plants are in the works. According to the International Agency, coal’s dominance will especially grow in the countries of the developing world, helping to raise their poor out of poverty as they modernize their economies.
Poor people getting affordable energy.  Not needing to spend hours gathering wood or dried animal crap for cooking and heat.  Losing that primitive-village thing the idiots love.  Enviroweenie nightmare indeed.

Of course, if Germany hadn't got all "OHMYGAIAGETRIDOFTHEREACTORS!!", they wouldn't have some of the problems in the first place.  And those coal plants wouldn't be gushing out carbon and such.

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Anonymous said...

And the rising energy cost in the U.S. coupled with falling energy cost in Europe will probably move a lot of energy-intensive businesses overseas. And once again, the experts will be surprised.