Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November E-Postal match is up

Over here.

In Colorado, the leftists trying to keep Hudak in office are getting both more violent and downright slanderous.
At another site however, the Brownies were noticeably more proactive, jumping out into traffic, shouting into peoples windows, and getting in the faces of those attempting to sign a petition. The police were called and the harassment ended. Why are anti-gun people so violent?

Saw one of the door hangers distributed by the Hudak people. Very professionally written and printed, the sort of thing the government might put out to warn the citizens of the presence of a rampaging rabid werewolf. Petition circulators were described as either identity thieves or sex offenders. Shades of the land shark skit from SNL. I'll try to get one to put up here in the next day or two

Mr. Huffman ran across a fine example of a politically-correct bigot and general "I don't care about that rule of law or individual rights shit" dirtbag going by The Coquette who writes an advice column, and he engaged her on the matter.  She proceeded to prove exactly what she is.

Then some of her sympathizers went over to Joe's to lecture on what nasty people we are, putting individual rights and freedom above what they consider 'the greater good'.

Downright disgusting.

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markm said...

"Why are anti-gun people so violent?"

It's the other way around - people who have trouble suppressing violent impulses are antigun. Either they are criminals and much prefer unarmed victims, or they think that everyone is as close to breaking from civilized behavior as they are.