Friday, May 04, 2012

Ran into something, 'different' let's say

Took a friend to a place on the north side called Baker Street Pub & Grill. Had been there once with daughter, seemed like a nice place. This time rode the bike, and as we came in the doors we were greeted with "You can't bring your helmets in here."

"Okay.... why?"

"Because they can be used as weapons. You can leave them in the entry if you don't want to leave them on the bike."

I've been in biker bars and other places and nobody ever had a problem with my helmet; my first thought was "This is idiotic", my second was "So you have problems enough here that you're actually worried about this?"

We left. And if the place is that squirrelly, I'll probably never go back.


Julie said...

i think leaving was a good decision - eating a steak with a plastic teaspoon would have been too challenging!

Oh the stupid ....

Jennifer said...

Baker Street made hubby put his pocket knife in the car too. Never been back