Wednesday, May 02, 2012

If the managers can't support the agents, then

they need new managers. Ones that will insist standards be met:
One agent on the president’s detail regularly fails handgun tests but has not been removed, agents with firsthand knowledge have told me. Another agent on the detail is so out of shape that she cannot open the heavy doors to exit the president’s limousine, I’m told.
I can see not trying to put 40k people through scanners; but not using them at Presidential events? Not standing up for agents who stick to the rules? Bullshit.

And if they say "More funding!", ok, start racking the illegal aliens scamming on taxes and use the savings from that.

The Usual Denialstm of "They're not with us!" don't work very well when they ARE with you.

And now it's time to brave the 'first of the month shopping' time; if I don't come back, have a nice day.


skidmark said...

Will I end up in A Very Special Part of Hell if, when reading "A terrorist could bring in a grenade and take out President Obama or Biden" I could not stop myself from asking out loud, 'And the problem with that is - what?'

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

That last link is booby-trapped it brings up an antivirus thing that tries to download. Thought you would want to know. Rey B

Firehand said...

My stuff must be blocking it, not seeing anything but the article