Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just what kind of effing idiots does Las Vegas hire

for their LE people?
Las Vegas police had a plan to end an hour-long standoff with an unarmed Gulf War veteran: One officer would fire a non-lethal beanbag shell at the window of the man's Cadillac, and another officer would follow-up with pepper spray to force the man from the car.

But that plan went awry when another officer fired a military-style assault rifle into the car, killing 43-year-old Stanley Lavon Gibson, police said Friday.

"Almost immediately after the beanbag round penetrated the rear passenger window, a second officer discharged seven rounds from an AR-15 rifle, striking and killing Gibson," police said.
One of the questions that comes to mind: was this a AR15, or a M16 variant? If the latter, dumbass may have had the selector on 'full'; if the former then the brainless moron actually pulled the trigger seven effing times.

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Phelps said...

It was semi auto either way. 7 shots fired, and m-16s with select fire only fire three round bursts on auto.

I watched the video. This disgrace simply started panic firing when he heard the beanbag shotgun go off.

Of course, that begs the question of what these Emmy award winners thought was going to happen with all the glass they were turning into shrapnel with this move anyways. I say send them all up for murder 1. They intentionally discharged a firearm at someone who was not an immediate threat.