Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'd forgotten this: a Christmas Story

from Lawdog


Gerry N. said...

Dammit Firehand,

You owe me a keyboard. Kaffe mit shlag gums 'em all up. Luckily, I have three, par'm me, two in reserve. Also a nearly full pot of coffee and a 3/4 full bowl of whipped cream.

(Kaffe mit Shlag, BTW, is overly strong coffee slathered over generously with overly sweetened and vanillaed whipped cream. The real stuff, not the aerosol bomb kind.)

Later in the day I'll add a shot of Lamb's Navy Rum (150 proof) to it. Just for flavor, you understand. If all goes as planned I'll retire tonight very well anaethestized, indeed.

Gerry N.

WV: allflab

What I feel like when well dosed with coffee, whipped cream and strong, dark rum.

Firehand said...

You're welcome