Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monet Parham: not only is she a nanny-state jackass

she's doing this on taxpayer's dime. AND she's a whiny little bitch:
The Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group, claims it violates California law for the hamburger chain to make its meals too appealing to kids, thus launching them on a lifelong course to overeating and other health horrors. It's representing an allegedly typical mother of two from Sacramento named Monet Parham. What's Parham's (so to speak) beef? "Because of McDonald's marketing, [her daughter] Maya has frequently pestered Parham into purchasing Happy Meals, thereby spending money on a product she would not otherwise have purchased."
No, she's suing because when she said no, her kids became disagreeable and "pouted" - for which she wants class action status
A: Hey, dumbass, you ever heard of using the word "No" and just stopping there? You should, you're SUPPOSED to be a parent.
B: This is such a frigging amazing thing on various levels:
"I don't want to have to listen to my kids whine, so I want everybody to be prevented from getting this."
"I'm such a wuss I can't tell my kids "No" and hold to it, so I want McDonald's to pay!"
The- hell with slippery slope, this would be a vertical dropoff- of 'class action status because of whining kids' is so idiotic that if this weren't in Californicated I can't imagine it even getting a hearing.

Oh, the taxpayer's dime?
Monet Parham, by the way, seems to be an activist employed by the California government to advocate the ingestion of vegetables, though some pains seem to have been taken to obscure this connection.
Gee, I wonder why...


Roger said...

HEY! Watch what happens. The case will wind up in the 9th circuit court of appeals & she'll be awarded 500 million dollars!

Keith said...

Marginally O T

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