Monday, December 13, 2010

The new sniper rifle

.300 Winchester Mag, adjustable stock, rails, and a suppressor as standard equipment. I would definitely think you could reach out and touch someone with it.


Keith said...

There was a thread about a gun which looked like that over on benchrest central.

The ex military guys were commenting on all the prickly snaggy things on it, along the lines that it will be a real treat to carry either on a sling with the sharp bits digging into your back, or to carry in your hands with all of that hot in the sun, cold in the frost aluminium, sharp rails, and that triple fishing hook thing at the front of the barrel jacket catching on the vegetation.

Calibre sounds good though

PQ said...

It is a specialist sniper rifle.
It will be carried in a hard case, it is not a primary weapon.