Thursday, October 28, 2010

So Anschutz is clearly off the menu of things I'll buy.

Since they're so willing to throw us to the socialists and gun bigots, they can damn well do without any of my money.

Lasers instead of actual firearms for the biathlon, for 'safety' of course...
During the ISSF World Cup have in sport shooting in 2010 in Munich we and the company Armatix a biathlon rifle model with these Technology are presented. In this context, it was a lot of positive Feedback, especially on the part of various officials association at national and international level.
That would be some of the people who want the UN to control all small arms ownership and use? Whose idea of 'control' is to ban them entirely if they can?

To put it crudely, fuck Anschutz. And the pony they rode in on.

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Keith said...

The Anshutz share holders and their creditors should both take a long and hard look at what happened to S&W's value after they went creeping and crawling to gun banners.

If I had Anshitz shares, I'd be I'd be shorting, and if I was a supplier to them, I'd be tightening up on their credit.