Sunday, June 06, 2010

Heard of Mahindra? Thinking about one of their trucks?

Might reconsider. At least until the nasty bastards get over their attitude problem.


Keith said...

First some OT:

That flash hider looks like a big triple hook for snagging on clothes and vegetation.

What is it? it Looks AR10ish.

They came into the UK in the late 80s, something of a basic willy's style jeep. At that time they came pre rusted under the paint, and the importers were a bunch of cowboys, taking customers vehicles that were in for maitenance off roading and bending them.

Heard of some in southafrica, apparently quite tough in a climate where they don't get winter salt or weeks of rain. don't know how much trouble they'd be though. Stick with a Toyota Hi Lux. most reliable pickup there is.

Firehand said...

I can't remember the specs offhand, but yeah, it's an AR10 variant. Supposed to be quite good.