Sunday, September 06, 2009

Insty points to a story on why Pelosi doesn't have the balls or integrity

to deal with Rep. Charles Rangel(Tax Cheat-Evil Party-NY); lots of "Don't want to make this group mad" and "Nobody else to choose who won't be a problem". What gets me is this at the end:
Yet for all his public defiance, Rangel is said to be deeply disturbed by the charges and their effect on his four-decade career of public service.

“It bothers the hell out of him, it hurts,” said a friend. “I mean, he sees himself as the guy who helped push through stuff like the Earned Income Tax Credit – and now people are saying he’s unfit to serve.”

To put it bluntly: Well, godDAMN, Rangel you whining little bastard! You're writing tax laws, including the new one you want where an honest mistake gets penalties no matter what, AND YOU'RE NOT PAYING YOUR TAXES. You bitch about nasty Republicans and you're not reporting- what is it now, at least a half-million in money and property that you 'forgot' to mention? And you're basically paying off people on the House 'Ethics' Committee and now your FEELINGS ARE HURT? You miserable corrupt bastard, you ARE unfit to serve; you are fit to wear a prison suit, but that's about all at this point. All we need now is for you to start yelling that the only reason people are after you is because you're black; then we'll know you have fully reached the bottom.

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