Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Someone in the comments at ColtCCO had an idea:

I’ve blogged about this. So should everyone else. Because it would be nice if the first thing people come across when searching for “Gallatin, TN Police Dept” is “they’re a bunch of crooks.” Bad publicity encourages people to behave better.

Ok, how's this: someone at Gallatin, TN Police Department may have stolen this mans pistol.

I can see three possibilities:
1. Someone took a liking to it, and they or a friend is delaying ColtCCO getting it back until it's too expensive in time & money for him to continue, and he gives up.
2. Someone at the department doesn't like giving firearms back to people, and is doing the above so they'll have an excuse to see it destroyed.
3. Someone already took it, and they're covering it up by the tactics noted in 1.

Those are the three I can think of outside of one mentioned in the earlier post: flat incompetence. There is no way that checking that pistol for stolen- which is done electronically- takes that long. Even if they, for some reason I cannot comprehend, sent a letter to the TN Bureau if Investigation instead of doing it electronically, why would it take that long to get an answer back?

At this point, Uncle and Insty have noted this(I originally got to Colt's site from Uncle), and a bunch of other people are writing about it. Can't hurt, at the least can cause the department some embarrassment. Which, from the sound of it, at least some members of it have coming.

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Anonymous said...

I think I read in an update at 'ColtCCO' that an ATF check is in the works, which sounds like a big bag of pain, and thus the reason for what's holding up the return of the firearm?  My absolutely baseless speculation on this is that the entire PD needs some range time with said firearm _before_ it's return to it's rightful owner?