Thursday, August 14, 2008

I have to wonder, did the DA think it wouldn't get out,

or that it wouldn't look bad?
McALESTER — Police detectives seeking the identities of bloggers who criticized McAlester officials on an online message board delivered a subpoena to the site's operator, who says he won't cooperate with investigators.

Two police detectives delivered the subpoena Tuesday to Harold King, who operates the Web site The subpoena orders him to provide details by Saturday on 35 bloggers posting under pseudonyms on King's site.

King said he researched posts under those pseudonyms and found one common denominator: All had written critically about Pittsburg County District Attorney Jim Miller.

Just bloody wonderful. Found through Insty


Anonymous said...

Apparently their are still many pols, and PDs as well, that haven't grasp the power ot Algore's digital Intertubes?   Yet.

MauserMedic said...

Never doubt humanity's ability to produce asshats willing to use every means available to screw with anyone who opposes them. It's an eternal constant.

Anonymous said...

Did the DA's take an oath to uphold the constitution? Did they cross their fingers while taking it? There has to be some serious tap-dancing done to persuade a judge that the critical posters are percipient witnesses or have some material evidence to present, or I hope the judge is that skeptical. How come this sort of thing is only chilling when the Leftist Pravda on the Hudson and Isvestia of Foggy Bottom say it is?