Friday, June 27, 2008

Speaking of idiocy from the Supremes,

in particular Stevens & Co., the decision the other day about baby rapers(Tam, thanks for that term) just practically screams "I am a more evolved being than you peasants people, and I know what is best. No matter what you think you think."

Short trip to the past. One night at work, years ago, I wound up seeing some of the aftermath of a gang rape of an adult woman. After that, the kindest punishment I could think of for someone committing that act involved a rope; everything else went downhill from there. The thought of someone doing that to a child... I can't describe just how bad that pisses me off. 'Evolving standards' my ass, someone who actually rapes a child should- screw needles, hang them. Preferably in the town square. And screw Stevens & Co. for thinking such an act doesn't call for the worst penalty.


Mattexian said...

I think it's pretty funny that the same day the Supremes decided that, Louisiana said "Fine, we'll just castrate the bastids!"

vlad said...

Two 22LR rounds to the back of the head will stop a dog from sucking eggs, and a man from raping.